Walk On Water Global Ministries (WOW)
Founded in 2003 as a womanist inspired ministry of healing and renewal; WOW utilizes creative event planning, multi-faith rituals and wholistic art forms to help the wounded reclaim their stories, passions and, pursuits of a healthy, happy and joy-filled life in body, mind and spirit.

Due to Rev. Middleton’s appointment as Associate Dean with an academic institution; Cleveland Action is completely managed by its fiscal sponsor and Walk On Water Global Ministries (WOW) is now dissolved. Donations are no longer accepted to honorably meet compliance with the policies of that institution.

Cleveland Action a social justice organization dedicated to human rights advocacy needs locally & globally through community organizing and activism.


Founded in 2014 in response to the egregious killing of 12-year old Tamir Elijah Rice and other cases of state sanctioned and racialized violence in Cleveland, OH.



“I dare to resist systemic racism even as it sits in the Oval Office.
I dare to be a prophetic truth teller even in a world of alternative facts. 
I dare to love myself; celebrate my rich, diverse and diasporic roots; and thus affirming All Black and Brown Lives do matter. 
I dare to reclaim and tell our stories, when normalized acceptance of racism, sexism, imperialism 
and moral injury threatens to dehumanize my character and worth. 
I dare to be a healer, lover, giver, and supporter of justice, freedom and peace. 
I dare to be all God created me to be even when society says this chocolate skin, loc haired, Gullah speaking girl from the country dirt roads near the swamp shouldn’t, couldn’t and wouldn’t be anything more than a statistic at best. 
I rise up nurtured by the very dust intended to bury me and deeply rooted in the soil tilled by my ancestors. 
I dare to believe that I am the fruit of their hopes, dreams and prayers. 
I dare to rise… rise up, resist, reclaim, remember and to 
be the bridge for the generations upon generations to come. 
I dare to dream 
so they can dare to
be dreamers,
By Rev. Waltrina N. Middleton 

Rev. Middleton is actively engaged in social justice issues domestically and throughout the diaspora. Her advocacy work addresses systemic cultures of violence and racism against marginalized communities from Charleston, SC and Cleveland, OH to Hebron, Palestine and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

She founded and organized Cleveland Action, a bridge organization and resource in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in response to the murder of 12-year old Tamir Rice. She is a preacher, poet, social critic and community organizer committed to actualizing the vision of a Beloved community. (Attention: Cleveland Action is now managed by a fiscal sponsor)


Rev. Middleton, a passionate preacher and keynote, has been invited to share this vision and message of faith, love and justice in diverse settings across the world including the World Council of Churches Forum on Peace and Justice in Trondheim, Norway; National Council of Churches; The Carter Center; Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference; Ecumenical Advocacy Days; Churches Uniting in Christ; Coalition of Black Trade Unionists; and as a part of a United Nations delegation addressing U.S. drug policies and mass incarceration.

Racial attacks are 'modern day lynchings'

On The Frontline
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“We are tied together in the single garment of destiny, caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. And whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly…I can never be what I ought to be unless you are what you ought to be.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.


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